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Company products sell well in domestic and foreign markets, in the accumulation of talent, technology, brand and scale advantage, on the basis of conscientiousness and focus on strengthening the market network construction, and gradually in one, the secondary market on the basis of key development 3 class market.
Our quality brand, plug in the wings for the brand
Conscientiousness brand positioning in the science and technology, vogue and internationalization
Conscientiousness feature is applicable, excellence, high quality
Conscientiousness brand set up by the product, quality and service and support
Conscientiousness brand identity embodies the modern technology and the humanities spirit infinite, communication, extended connotation
1. In the normal storage, maintenance, the conditions, the use of the product because of product manufacturing quality problem and can't normal use, to provide warranty service (warranty, baotui, proven).
2. After receiving quality information feedback, handling opinions within 24 hours, and rushed to the scene to deal with problems within 100 hours, after waiting for normal operation, then analyses reasons, clear responsibility.
3. Provide the necessary technical documents for the factory product certificate and products.
4. According to customer requirements or agreement in a timely manner to provide spare parts, spare parts and installation, commissioning, maintenance service and technical training for relevant personnel to the customer.
5. Large engineering projects, will organize production according to the requirements of the tender documents, test, inspection, and comply with customer site acceptance.
6. In strict accordance with the IS09001 standards organization of raw materials, spare parts procurement and production and inspection.
Customers in the process of using the products, if found the products can't normal use, can be immediately to the marketing center consulting, after-sales service department and will be used for product model, specifications, use environment, failure condition, date of purchase and service requirements in detail. Deals in after service department after processing Suggestions, still can't solve, then decided to send people or for other processing.

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