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This company is one of the earlier enterprises in china which manufacture silica gel casting valves, located in wenzhou city, where the private enterprise is the most active, situated at Yongqiang Hi-tech Industrial Area, Longwan. The transportation is convenience; it’s 5 kilometers from airport, 22 kilometers from train station. This company has considerable funds, masterful technology and strong personnel. We have excellent machining equipment and detection device. We process products with imported numerical control and CNC machine tool, which make our products superior in quality as to receive the praise by clients at home and aboard. 
Our main products: ball valve, globe valve, gate valve, check valve, etc. pipeline valves and fittings, made of stainless steel 304, 316, etc. we also produce non-standard valves according to the request of clients. The products widely apply to chemical industry, petroleum, light industry, food, medical fields, and environmental protection, etc. we explore market at home and aboard with our business policy: top priority to quality, superior service to customer. Welcome vast clients to visit and guide. We hope to promote, through mutual effort, both trade and friendship.

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