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The essence of the talent strategy: talent is a kind of strategic resources.
Talent strategy is the core of cultivating people, attracting people, users, and exploit people.
Talent strategy is to think about the future, this paper studies talents for the sustainable development of enterprises, the long-term development role.
The competition is essentially talent competition of the 21st century. Talent is the most precious resources is special, also is enterprise's greatest wealth, and establish a long-term talent strategy is the fundamental guarantee of enterprise sustainable development. In is, in the traditional sense of the assets management has dropped to a secondary position, the human capital management is one of the most important corporate behaviour. Elements is the same with other capital, human capital management's main goal is to expand value-added, introduce talents, to use good talent, the talent as enterprise assets increase of talent capital.
Talents team construction is to promote enterprise independent innovation, scientific and technological progress and improve enterprise core competitiveness the important strength. Are special valve is a full build high-quality, reasonable structure, a sufficient number of skilled, innovative, high-level compound talent echelon. Companies adhere to the people-oriented concept, created for employees in the growth and improvement of the cultural atmosphere of mutual trust, mutual respect, for staff career planning to provide more opportunities and space, for the staff of technical innovation and management innovation to create necessary conditions, and the staff have outstanding performance and outstanding contributions to recognise and reward, employee value and enterprise value synchronization implementation, employee and enterprise grow together and promote each other.
Is respect for and protection of rights and interests of employees, actively and steadily promote the reform of salary, welfare and insurance system and perfect, fully reflect the positions characteristics, the value of posts and prominent performance, encouraging high-level management, professional and technical skills and key personnel. According to the country to establish multi-level social security system's overall request, actively improve the insurance system, completes the basic insurance, safeguard the vital interests of the employees.
Specification work recruitment management, strengthening the construction of a team and standardize the project management, effective regulation of total employment, the reasonable configuration and use of labor resources, improve labor efficiency.
Improve c&b policies, current salary welfare system for enterprise to carry on the system evaluation and research, puts forward some Suggestions of further improving the salary welfare system, involves the salary, allowances and subsidies, welfare and so on several aspects.
Construction of human resource management system. The establishment of the system is advantageous to the specification, integration, integrated enterprise the personnel data, optimizes the allocation of human resources, personnel management, improve the efficiency of personnel management, to strengthen staff training, etc, play an effective role.
Are attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents work, should respect the objective laws of talents growth, make training employees the best welfare, let different levels of employees can find suitable for their own learning style.

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